About Us

Company Briefo

»  Founder- Mr. Scott Liang

»  Capital - NT$210 million (US$6 million)

»  Established -1990

»  Location - New Taipei City, Taiwan​



Development & Progress

1990 - Apfel Inc. established

1992 - Semi-automatic machines in use for Din41612 connectors

1993 - Press fit termination for Din41612 developed

1995 - In house plating established

1997 - Research & Development for 2.0mm HM connectors begun

1999 - Pilot run for HM

2000 - Imported Plating line installed
          - 2.0mm HM female connector CCD inspection system installed

2001 - Multi head high speed male assembly machine for 2.0mm HM installed
          - Second line of imported plating line installed
          - Din41612 female connector CCD inspection system completed

2002 - Din41612 male connector fully automation production completed

2005 - Office relocation to combine with factory.

2006 - Development high temperature connectors begun

2009 - ISO 9001:2000

2012 - ISO 9001:2008

2016 - Cooperation with semicondustor test industry, development module connectors

2017 - 2.0mm HM connector CCD inspection system renewal
         - Participate in 2017 government project for employee training

2018 - Development automatic cutting pins machine
         -  ISO 9001:2015
         - Participate in 2018 government project for employee training


Apfel History

» Enter the market 1976-1990

Before Apfel Inc. was established in 1990. Apfel's president and founder, Mr. Scott Liang has been operating Hitek Inc. to import military and industrial components for the Taiwanese domestic market. Information and experience on markets and technical applications were collected comprehensively within the enterprise.


» Establishing manufacturing 1990-1996

After 14 years in the connector business Apfel Inc. was set up as a manufacturing company for the design and production of the Din41612 Eurocard connectors. Different stages of automation were set up and in-house plating was also started to meet customer's demand.


» Next level of Technology 1997-

Apfel Inc. started to develop the new high speed high density 2.0mm Hard Metric connector in 1997


Enterprise Vision

In the development and design of this product range, Apfel Inc. has consulted and gathered test data with research institutions both in Taiwan and overseas. 3 years of time were spent in designing and testing the pre-production samples to ensure that all standards and regulation including IEC917 and IEC 61076-4-101 have been complied and also to meet performance requirements of products.
Apfel has also brought its ability in production and inspection into a whole new era. Hundreds of millions in NT dollars were invested in purchasing manufacturing equipments with latest technology alone. Great deal of time and money were also invested in research & designing, tooling and repeated testing. Apfel believes that true quality and service should not only reflect in the end products but also the understanding of product performance and technical support. That is the reason various world leading companies in telecom and industrial applications through out Asia have chose Apfel to be its primary supplier and Apfel is aiming to establish the US market in 2003.




» Eye of Needle

» Open-Short switching circuit in DIN41612

» For next generation 3G-15G high speed generation connectors



» ISO 9001:2015

» UL Approval