Why Choose Apfel?

»  Apfel can provide products with same quality level as any other major connector suppliers.

»  Apfel can offer much competitive prices since high production efficiency and lower cost margin.

»  Apfel has been manufacturing and supplying Din 41612 and 2.0mm Hard Metric connectors worldwide for many years.

»  Automated production, enabling Apfel to provide customers with a variety of customized special pin, arrangements for male connector both for Din 41612 and 2.0mm Hard Metric connectors.


Apfel's Quality

ISO certified and a full quality control system in every stage of production from raw material to finished parts will ensure our customers that they can have confidence using Apfel products. Quality system is always being refined and upgraded to meet all standard.



Apfel's Advantage

» Plating

In House Heavy Gold Plating Lines, Specially designed plating line can meet heavy gold plating of telecom's requirement and harsh environmental demand. The high current density system combine with unique spraying nozzle will produce excellent quality plating of even and smooth surface finish with precision to limit unnecessary waste of gold.



» Assembly

The high-speed random-assignment assembly machine will provide customers with more varieties of pin configurations to suit any requirement such as hot swap, higher transmission rate with less interference. Pin point accuracy of the machine increases total production speed and also less defect.

1. High Speed HM male assembly machine
2. High Speed HM female assembly machine
3. Bandolier Pin Assembly Machines for Din41612 male connector
4. Mylar film insertion machine for HM long tail male connector

Mylar film insertion machine will provide extra protection for long tail connectors from damage and also easy assembly with PCB.





Millions of dollars have been invested to design one of its kinds of non-contact 3D contour CCD visual inspection system. Any possible error can be fully detected within the machine. 100% perfect product and 0% defect is Apfel's goal to all its customers.


1. HM female CCD inspection system
2. HM male CCD inspection system
3. Din41612 female CCD inspection system